Quotes from Author of “A Fortune-Teller Told Me”

by Fadhli

Travel is an ART, and one must practise it in a relaxed way, with passion, with love.”

The spirit of a country, the state of mind of the people and their problems are reflected better in a station rather than anywhere else”

For years I have run a few miles every day, and exercised to keep fit. But when have I ever looked after my mind? When have I ever done exercises to strengthen it and allow it to reach its full capacity? The mind is perhaps the most sophisticated instrument we have, yet we do not even give it the attention we give to our leg muscles”

That our exclusive faith in science had cut us Westerners off from another sphere of awareness, that we have embarked on the high road of scientific knowledge and forgotten all the other path we had once known”

~ A Fortune-Teller Told Me was written by Tiziano Terzani. He was correspondent of Der Spiegel, and the book is about his experience of a year traveling without airplane in 1993, first published in 1995 ~