About January

by Fadhli

It was January, 4 years ago when I got my bachelor degree officially after four and half years study. It was an hard situation. A day before colloquium, I chase a train of my (sudden-substituting) examiner. D-Day I almost gave up of the questions of examiner, and I was shy when one examiner said, “Can you explain that? Otherwise I will explain to you” and I spontaneously replied, “I could not, please explain.” So that my mark was far from perfect. Three times I revised my final paper. Alhamdulillah finally I wore my academic gown and got my transcript.

It was January, 3 years ago when I was accepted to join one of United Nations bodies based in Jakarta as an intern. Six months internship experience that also brought me to continue working there up to 2 years later. I was amazed in my life could meet high-level official for international level such as Regional Director, Executive Director, and even Secretary General of UN.

And it was January of the same year also when I was invited to speak about my art poster in Asia – Pacific Forum: Youth Action on Climate Change, Bangkok. It was my first time to fly abroad, to deliver presentation in English that made me shy of my messy English in front of talented youngs. At that time my turn was among one of the first panels. That forum then brought me to other forum in the mid-year in Nepal, because my poster presented in Bangkok was published in Nepal.

January last year, my logo design was awarded as winner from South-East Asia One-Health University Network. Then it became their official logo. Ticket to Bangkok (again) was the gift for attending world conference of one-health, including field visit to Pattaya.  After the forum, I continued my solo backpacking to Hat Yai, Pattani, and Phuket.

This year January, I have not got any ticket to go abroad yet, nor any “big thing,” except hope to always struggle in this still-long-road to go, skills that should always be improved, friends to just share our thought and feel, and to always be thankful to Allah.