Story About Blackglow

by Fadhli

I am sorry that since a while ago I have been posting in this blog with English. This is my exercise for IELTS test that will be undertaken within next two weeks although the format will be different. So, please pray for me to get a good score then… hhe

This is about Blackglow, one of my best “friend”, that have been accompanying me since six years ago. Already old actually, but he is very loyal to me, and I also try to do so. I already thought that maybe I will change him with the other one, but when I remember how he have served me, then I still keep him until now.

This is about my laptop. Full thanks (<- kayak ngisi bensin, hhe) to my father who gave it to me when I was sitting in last semester of my undergraduate school. When he offered the laptop to me, my first reaction was to refuse because I thought that internet cafe is a lot around my university so that he can use it rather than me. But he force me to accept, that implicitly maybe a force also to write my final paper and to be graduated soon since I was “late” 1 semester from majority of my friends… Owh… haha. I could not escape again then…

I felt naughty when in early use of my laptop in library, I played game: Counter Strike Condition Zero, instead worked on my paper. And suddenly, Vice Dean came across in library from my back, and I thought he saw my laptop display and gave me a cynical smile. That was funny thing with my laptop.

But you should know, this my friend has been with me for producing hundreds articles, just for this blog is already more than 100, excluding other hundreds for non-published articles, home works, presentations, and so on, some of them brought me awards of competitions. Even without award, he keep working without grumbling like me when I know that my work lose in competition.

I should tell you that he is very supportive also for designing hundreds of my artwork, many of them delivered me to receive other awards, including traveling abroad freely. And I must tell you that he is very endure when I push him to hardly work on video editing that has been bringing chance to me to display my citizen journalism work in television or just my documentation on Youtube.

For six years, he has been fighting the life with me with just twice repairman, that within last year. Sometime I feel pity to him because I often turn him on for full day, but so far, he is still strong for his age. Thanks to Blackglow, his name, who has black color but it is glowing from his casing. May God protect you!