by Fadhli

When I was kid, I often cried. I fought with brother, or friend, and then cried. I was ridiculed by other and then cried. I was intimated by ghost sham and cried. My parents when they got angry and gave “lecture” to me, I cried.

Even when I had joined some martial art groups, still I often cried. I think it had been happening until junior high school.

Then after senior high school until now, conversely I seldom to drop my tears. I do not know why, but maybe I already threw it much when I was kid. Hhe.

Even for some events that many people cry, such as when my grandma, or my father’s aunt passed away, I did not cry (surely this different with sad, yes I did sad).

But, there are something that can make me often cry (in my scantiness cry). However, I could not tell you here then, hhe. I will tell some day, not for you still, for my future generation. #halah 🙂