by Fadhli

Tomorrow I will undertake (official) IELTS test. Different when I took TOEFL (although just ITP), at that time I prepared it seriously. A book of 5 sets exercise was finished before D-Day.

Now, I feel do not have enough time just to sit and focusly face IELTS book. Actually I already got 30hours preparation class, but I feel, even the teacher said, it was not enough. For today, a day before the test, I have planned to just take a rest, sleep, relax, to boost my mood for tomorrow.

But in practice, I can not. I should do my ‘domestic’ works. Then I continued with video-editing, uploaded it to web. And now, I am voluntarily just going around to the city, accompanying my family.

That’s ok, will see tomorrow. I hope I can pass the minimum score. Then if it happens, that’s gonna be my real spontaneous test result.

*banyak2in sholawat ama istighfar nih… Hhe…