Proud of Country

by Fadhli

People have been asked to feel proud of this country. But, as my lecturer told us, when does government make their people proud?

We are now in the time that government speaks to much on food security and independency (swasembada), but as fundamental thing, government does not have enough attention to their farmers. None of them is appreciated and facilitated enough. I have not ever heard that they are given the status of civil servant for example. So it has been a long time ago people can not be proud – even avoid – to be a farmer in this agricultural country so-called.

And now we are in the time that many of bachelors of agriculture can not step their feet in the rice field altough they have been taught many things about agricultural theory. From practical aspect, they are maybe lack of experience compared with indigenous people like Baduy for example.

And this is not just about farmer, but also fisherman while our country has longest coastal area in the world, or salt-maker that logically out of sense that we must still to import salt from less length coastal area country. So does with volcanologist, that we have two-third volcano of wideworld and also forest ranger.

I do not know why this happens, maybe that ‘proud of country’ has been doctrinated as a ‘gengsi’ (prestigious-seeker) to have a good mark – or said as good economic growth – from other countries but ignoring many complains from its own citizens.