Leadership (in group discussion)

by Fadhli

Maybe many people still think that leadership is a domination. They think that to lead is to speak loudest, start anything first, and instruct people detail by detail strictly. I used to think and act like that previously.

Yes maybe by acting like that, position of leader will fall on you, but that kind of leadership spreads fear. People follow because they “have to” follow you, not because they “want to” follow you. Be careful, if it is like that, so what is the difference between leader and dictator?

Same in the group discussion, I think the most important thing to show that we have leadership capacity is not to dominate, or take every chance of questioning, but the originality of our thought that will inspire others. So that, they softly will be led by us. Why softly? Because then they will follow your structure of thinking, even giving additional thought on that. So it will make your life and team easier in generating decision or plan. You don’t have to waste much time to explain detail to others because they will explain it theirselves to you.

Last but not least, we should be ready if we have acted like that but we are still not recognized by others. Because leadership is not position, it is soul and character.