A Day Without…

by Fadhli

I woke up late in the morning, looking at my watch 09.15, indicating that the (remedial) class has been started. So I decided to skip it and just did jogging with a friend to beach. Then we went back home while it was raining and very cold weather.

At home 11.54, I just ate one banana, changed my clothes, then biked to the Central Station to pick up my friend coming from Leuwardeen. I put my bike in the Station then accompanied him to the Indonesia Embassy to submit his new passport because the previous one was stolen.

From the Embassy we stopped a while at the Peace Palace then walked to dorm and campus. After 14.00, we decided to have a lunch somewhere in same direction to go back to the Central Station. We had Pempek. We did it until 15.30 before I accompanied my friend back to the Station.

From the station, 15.45, I was rushed biking because it would be a class meeting at 16.00 with our major convenor. Fortunately I was in time entering the class for an half hour discussion. Then after that I came to the Course Exhibition just to look around what courses I will take for the next terms. It was 17.15 I went back to my room.

Then 17.40 I and some friends biked again to hang out in the Padang Restaurant, for like 2 hours having chit-chat. After that we stopped in my friend dorm, around 1 km from my dorm. They practised music and planned a dance to be performed in International Day of our campus this weekend.

Finally, 23.30 I went back to the dorm. And just realised beside I skipped the class, I also missed to shower today. Hihihi…