The War of Joking

by Fadhli

Previously I wanted to be a quite person here. But, time has been going on, if the nuance is just flat, then it is going to be boring. I am a bit famous among Indonesians because of my joke in ceng-cengin others and sometime maybe norak. We have kind of informal boys group that almost everything can be joked. Even the Chairman and Presidium of Indonesian Student Association in this city can be resource for it. Even, I (and those my friends) just met with an Embassy staff in a dinner, that for the first time, then we threw joke until the staff dropped her (happy) tears, although we think that was a common joke for us.

But, two things that make me hard to counter if they attack me of these kind of jokes:

1. I am called as “Abang-Abang Lebara.” Lebara is the mobile phone provider here. The sales promotion boys of Lebara usually wears the similar jacket of mine, light blue color. They mangkal in mall area that usually we pass through with their gerobak yang digowes. Thought my jacket’s brand is keren, but it is over in front of them. “Bang, isi pulsa dong Bang!” that is what my friends say if I wear the jacket. Then usually I just reply in the way how the Abang-Abang Lebara offer the product, “You wanna top up for calling? or internet data?” 😀

2. My joke topic is famous either for “hidup” or “muka,” example: my friend said, “temenin gw dong benerin sepeda,” then I replied, “sama hidup lo sekalian benerin gak?” or he said, “kamar gw lagi berantakan nih,” “ya kira-kira sama lah kayak muka lo.” But because they are already married, they usually counter-attack with this kind of conversation, “ya muka gw berantakan ga apa-apa, udah ada yang mau sama gw, udah ada buktinya. nah lo Jul?” After that I just smile-smile cengengesan, waiting the other throws another bullet, “Iya, padahal si Jul ini kurang apa coba. Tampang jelas kurang, duit juga kurang, coba kurang apalagi??!” Hahaha. What kind of friends they are, huuuhh?? 😀

But of course, that is just joke, we are serious in serious time. And that kind of joke happens after we know and interact each other for quite intense time. No hurt feeling though.