by Fadhli

It is probably no exaggeration to say that in most countries, formal schooling as currently practised teaches young people not to want to be farmers (see, for example, Biriwasha 2012). This is part of a more general downgrading of rural life, an ‘assault on rural culture’ which goes far beyond education and works through global consumerism and media of all kinds… even if farming could be made more attractive and profitable and if land could be made available, would rural life still be unattractive to today’s globalised young men and women simply because their smartphones don’t work there or because of the absence of other facilities and environments which they consider essential components of successful youth?“(Emeritus) Professor Ben White

Setelah membaca bahan-bahan dan mengikuti kuliah mengenai Population and Generation in Political Economy/Ecology of Agriculture and Environment maka saya harus belajar melafalkan ini pada generasi selanjutnya,

Being a farmer or fisherman is good, my daughters/sons. Even if your school often under-estimates it, I won’t be shy for that. Even I will be very happy to have a such of farming family”

Tinggal pikirin beli tanah/ternak atau kapal penangkap ikan buat mendukungnya.