January (again)

by Fadhli

In the last paragraph of an article written last year, about January, I wrote:

This year January (2014), I have not got any ticket to go abroad yet, nor any “big thing,” except hope to always struggle in this still-long-road to go, skills that should always be improved, friends to just share our thought and feel, and to always be thankful to Allah

In the first part of that sentence I was too fast to presume. Then many life dynamic happened during last year, between hope, desperate, and even fear, fluctuated happiness, sad, laugh, cry. But I just tried to do my best, to be always grateful to Allah in any condition, and as I said also by keeping silaturahim with as many as my good friends, although indeed I could not handle it for all people. Some are skipped or ya honestly, forgotten, although that was not intentional. But one thing is so clear: Allah, is really very kind to this mischievous man. He never dissapoints me.

Now, January (2015), I am writing this in abroad. Not only ticket, Allah too much gives me: many other friends, experiences, and unexpected moments. Really, can not say much, and really I feel that I am still far away from being grateful person compared with all these.

I believe, He wants to try and test our endurance and our thought about Him. I believe, from now and onwards, there is still and always long-road to go, even it might be more difficult, with more responsibility, more works, etc. But just do whatever we can do to tackle it. He never dissapoints people, never, never, never ever.

So, which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” | No, nothing, I am even scared to open and read that ayat right now… (crying…)