Be Nice

by Fadhli

Let’s be nice people and avoid arrogance.

#1 Don’t treat people in the way you don’t like to be treated as that

#2 Don’t push dan rush people to do your interest while you are doing nothing. Remember, if any impact happens, it will go first to the person you commanded rather than to those who are doing nothing. Don’t harm other by bossy style.

#3 Be consistent and fair. If you get angry to others because sometime they make mistake, then you don’t too much say excuse and talk back if yourself are doing mistake. Better recognize and apologize, and should be ready if people get angry to you. That’s fair.

#4 Don’t humiliate people just because you feel you have more (belongings, position, skills, knowledge, awards, etc) by talking about those too much rather talking about the substance experiences or useful sharing. In contrary, If you are humiliated, just be patience, you don’t need to talk back, enough to just recognize, indeed they are poor of appreciation, just give them. You are the richer one then.

#5 Be appreciative and grateful. Saying ‘thank you’ is just free, so why it’s so hard?