“What’s Up” Bro…

I have already been asked for many, tens, times, “Don’t you have WhatsApp?” Directly like that or sometime via my cellphone that receives message inviting me to join that messenger application from my friend. And for any kind of the question about it (until now) I always response, “Sorry, I don’t have.”

Even, when I meet someone new and we give our cellphone number to each other, I often tell them first, “Sorry, no WhatsApp and no Blackberry Messenger”

Indeed, because that somehow I am late to follow some news from friend or group (even for the group that i co-founded). But I try to do fair, I can not expect to know all things there, and can not be angry if I am not informed for something even for important thing that just circulated among the group.

Not because today I am enrolled in environmental studies that tells us to minimize the electronic waste so that I don’t want to have that application (which means to change my current cellphone that is not compatible for it). I am not radical-environmentalist. The question already came before I study that issue and I always answer with same response.

For what reason then? I do not know also. I just feel lazy to enter electronic shop and ask about that, about this, to choose and to buy. From my history of gadgets, I just once bought it by myself (accompanied with my little bro actually), it is my current cellphone. Two or three my former cellphones came to my hand by gift from my parents. That always the second one, after they used it. So I don’t really have a taste about buying the new one.

My jargon:  Texting is the important function for cellphone, phoning if I have much pulses, the rests are optional. Hhe